• About Us

    Landmark Diner - Downtown, across from the Rialto, is conveniently located in the heart of downtown on the corner of Luckie and Forsyth streets.  When theres action in downtown Atlanta, whether it`s a convention, Dragoncon, or a show at the Rialto, Landmark Diner is the best place to relax in an energetic city, and enjoy great food.  We are the place where you can dine - breakfast, lunch or dinner - your choice - 24 hours a day!  Landmark Diner offers a large menu, prompt and professional service and a great atmosphere that is all part of the downtown experience. 

    Like all other Landmark Diners, our downtown location is true to the traditional 24 hour New York diner format.  You can order a Florentine omelete or a catfish dinner any time you desire.  We are here to serve you.

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